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Large Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for big breeds

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Large Wire Basket Dog Muzzle is the best muzzle for walking in the parks, streets and be confident that you will not have any troubles with your dog. You were looking for a muzzle for training your dog? This muzzle will do for this aim too. There are many other situations you can use this muzzle. In any of them your dog will feel comfortable in it, due to its special strong metallic construction, that will assure long life for your muzzle. Moreover, it is also padded on the nose with a soft felt, so it prevents your dog's nose from rubbing. One more thing should be mentioned is that you will not have any problems while walking your muzzled for a long distances, because this muzzle has perfect air ventilation, so that your dog can breath easily, unlike some leather dog muzzles. Another privilege is that your dog can drink water in this muzzle with no difficulty. The straps on this muzzle are adjustable and won't ever stretch. Remember that it is not desirable to leave your dog alone when muzzled. 

M4-Large Dog Breeds Metal Muzzle

While this particular page deals with muzzle for large breeds, there are also available other similar designs wire muzzles for small dog breeds, as well as for medium dog breeds. To get a good fitting muzzle you'll need to follow our instructions of how to measure your dog for a muzzle.

This Wire Muzzle is designed so that it leaves enough space for your dog to feel comfortable, and later your dog will get used to it and will not even feel muzzled. It was produced according to the standards and it contains high quality safe components.

Several key features you should know about this Wire Dog Muzzle:
  • Having troubles to leave your dog muzzled during hot summer days? You will never face this problem with super ventilation wire muzzle.
  • Are you worried about visiting a vet? You can solve this problem by purchasing this multifunctional muzzle.
  • This muzzle was tested and is recommended by Vets, Dog Trainers and Behaviorists.
  • Need a solution how to make your dog stop biting, chewing and eating unwanted objects - this is it!
  • This muzzle is a safe solution for your dog, you can put it on when playing, walking or running and your dog will feel like he is not wearing it.
  • Have already thrown away a dozen of weak, one day plastic or nylon muzzles? This dog muzzle is made of chrome wire and leather, that means strength and durability.
  • Tired of non adjustable straps or straps stretching problems? You will never have troubles of the kind with this muzzle, because all straps are adjustable and won't stretch.
  • The inner upper part of the muzzle is made of leather and padded with felt to provide more comfort for your dog.
  • Your dog will always be able to drink water in this muzzle.

Important information for you to pay attention to:

No matter whether your dog muzzled or not, if it has problems with aggression, it will stil be able to hurt someone in the moment of rage. That's why do not forget about training and supervision of your dog. The more time you spend on trainig, the less you'll need to worry about the possible risks. 

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