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Fully PADDED Wire Muzzle - Malinois, Rottweiler, GSD-Male/Female


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New fancy and comfortable Full Padded Wire Dog Muzzle is made of special very strong metallic construction to maintain the shape of the muzzle and to assure its long service. This Muzzle was specially designed for army forces and police. They are used for training dogs and for patrolling, but still regular handlers like this model as well. If your budget allows to invest little extra, you will be for sure satisfied with this muzzle!
Designers made everything to make the best muzzle due to which your adorable dog will have an excellent air ventilation comparing to other muzzles.
In this muzzle your dog will feel very comfy. You will see the true value during professional training, traveling, patrolling, guarding and visiting the vet. The material which was used in producing this muzzle is totally safe and non-toxic. There are many advantages such as: inhibits biting or chewing. One more plus is that it is extremely difficult for the dog to dislodge muzzle with it's paws. Please, be advised that you shouldn't leave your dog unattended while it is muzzled. The muzzle is padded on nose with soft felt for maximum comfort of your dog, so that it prevents rubbing.

Fully padded Wire Dog Muzzle for Malinois, Rottweiler, Female GSD

We care for our customers, that is why we want to give new dog owners a few tips about how to teach your dog to wear a muzzle:

  • introduce the muzzle (let the dog sniff the muzzle, look at it, even you can allow to taste it a little bit, then offer a treat to your pet);
  • you should teach your dog to put its nose in the muzzle (hold the muzzle in front of your dog, wait until it reaches toward the muzzle and actually touches it with its nose, wait until your dog pokes the muzzle with its nose, don't close it, repeat it 5 or 6 times then give a treat to your dog);
  • you should also teach your dog to keep its nose in the muzzle (over many repetitions, gradually ask your dog to hold his nose in the muzzle for a little longer until you get up to about 10 seconds);
  • finally after all these steps are done you should teach your dog to wear a muzzle for a long time (itís normal for your dog to fuss with the muzzle a little, but do everything possible to distract him and give him something else to do instead. Ask him to walk with you, let him sniff the ground, watch a bird, whatever interests him. You can also teach your dog to take treats that you pass through the side of the muzzle, but the treat in this case should be tiny pieces of food).

This particular muzzle will fit such breeds as Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Female GSD (German Shepherd Dog). Here you can find information about how to measure your dog in order to choose an appropriate size of muzzle for your dog.

Dog muzzle heavy weight and solid with leather lining and adjustable leather head and neck straps are of the highest quality. Special strong metallic construction maintains the shape of the muzzle and provides a lifetime service of the muzzle. Open design provides maximum air circulation. There is big possibility that your dog will not even notice that it is muzzled.

The main features of this muzzle that should be mentioned are the following:
  • this muzzle is very comfy for dogs due to its open style;
  • it is of the highest quality;
  • it provides good airflow;
  • it protects dog and its owner from various problems while walking or in the beginning of professional training.

You need to buy this muzzle for your dog if:
  • your dog is untrained;
  • you want to prevent either unwanted biting or unwanted barking;
  • your dog is aggressive;
  • there is a risk of dog's taking baits that have been laid for vermin.

Warnings about Wire Dog Muzzle:
  • when walking never leave your dog without a muzzle espeсially if your dog is inclined to aggression;
  • make sure that when wearing a muzzle your dog is able to open its mouth and to lick its nose;
  • make measurements properly;
  • when your dog wears a muzzle you should encourage it with treats it likes, otherwise the process of getting used to a muzzle will take longer period of time.

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